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How Much Does a Garden Cost to Build?

We get asked about the cost of gardens A LOT - and rightly so. Yes, everyone knows a new garden will be expensive, but..

How expensive and why?


Is there any return?


You could easily to be swept along by romantic visions of gazebos, a Wisteria covered trellis, a colourful succulents border, the trickle of your new water feature -


But what is the priority and do you get what you pay for?

One of the best reasons to use a Garden Designer is that the process will allow you to evaluate the options before spending a penny on the build.

So lets break things down:


We tend to liken the price of a new garden to the price of a new kitchen. Both can be done 'on the cheap' for a simple freshen up or you can opt for a complete makeover.

Another thought is along the lines of VALUE.

Will your garden generate a return? There is a ceiling but in general, yes a good garden increases the value of a property. So consider allowing a 5-10% spend for your garden (depending on property value/size of garden/project brief etc.)

''A well-maintained garden can add a chunky 20 per cent to your property value''

(Source: The Telegraph, May '16)

In hard landscaping terms, the costs are broken down in to Labour and Materials:


Labour typically accounts for 65% of the total spend. There are a whole host of landscapers out there - the vast majority of which work hard with diligence and offer a fair price.


PKW Garden Designs Ltd can make introductions to help you pick the right team. Otherwise try and use a landscaper who is registered with an industry body such as BALI or APL.


The cost of materials is the other big factor. Take paving for instance; a commonly used landscaping material that can vary massively in price depending on material, style, colouration and the manufacturing process.

Is there a cheaper option? Of course!


There are plenty of hard landscaping alternatives and the cost of buying and laying them should both be considered as well as their durability and maintenance.

Getting what you pay for

Its a bit of minefield (although hopefully not for our clients)


Pick an ethically approved supplier (child labour still exists) and ensure they offer tolerances and guarantees. Buying the cheapest materials can mean extra work on installation. In labour terms - get a few quotes: there are a range of offerings and price tags out there.

(or ask your designer for help)


The most simple method is to switch from hard landscaping to soft - plants and turf cost less in both labour and materials. HOWEVER - soft landscaping does cost more in long term maintenance.

BUT compromise doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice your dream garden.

By pursuing the design route and signing off on all aspects ahead of starting the build, we can plan your garden project to be rolled out in stages. This is increasingly common and means that once the garden is complete, it will still look cohesive and flow well.


It is always a big consideration when spending money on any home renovation. And your garden is just another room!

PKW Garden Designs aims to make the process easier and will cost out the options, recommend alternatives and can explain the trade offs with each design choice.

ALSO we are 100% independent - we take no incentives in our recommendations!

So of all the reasons to stop you from creating your dream outdoor space, don’t let money be one of them.


Good Luck.