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Whats involved?

An initial consultation will be arranged in which Penelope will present to you samples from her portfolio as well as explain in detail what you can expect from PKW Garden Designs. We will discuss what you are considering and take a few brief measurements. From this, we will be able to provide a quote for the work required.


What if I don’t like the design?

It’s in both parties interests to ensure the design meets expectations. To maximise the chances of this, we will guide you on the brief using a questionnaire and imagery to ensure we fully understand your style and objectives.

We will be in regular communication with you to update and answer your queries. There is also scope to make reasonable adjustments to the end design should you feel dissatisfied. All adjustments must reflect the original brief.


Whats next?

Should you decide to proceed, we can then allocate a time in the schedule to begin work. We will require a small deposit to secure this time. Designs can take between 2-4 weeks to complete with Planting Plans taking 1-2 weeks thereafter.

We will then conduct a thorough brief to establish precisely what you'd like from your garden. Additionally, we conduct a site survey to measure boundaries, levels and the location of drains and so forth. We have excellent laser equipment to assist on this which minimises measurement error. We can then commence design work.


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Why use PKW Garden Designs?

With in-depth experience of listening to clients needs and delivering quality work, PKW Garden Designs has vast knowledge of what is required to manage a range of projects.

We have a keen eye for spatial awareness and an expert understanding of plants. We aim to provide a transparent service with your best interests in mind and, all the while, designing a beautiful space for your enjoyment.

Personal Designs delivered with Professionalism